Theorizing Risk, Money and Moralities in Migration (TRiMM)

Led by Jørgen Carling
Mar 2009 - Aug 2014



This project set out to develop social-science theory in three areas of particular relevance to the study of international migration: the assessment and management of risk, the roles of money and material wealth in interpersonal relationships, and the moralities which inform migration decisions and subsequent transnational relationships. These themes were examined in relation to three cross-cutting dimensions: gender relations, the mediating roles of geographical space, and the dichotomy between self and others.

María Hernández Carretero carried out a case study of Senegalese migration to Spain, engaging with the full thematic breadth of the project. Jørgen Carling re-examined conceptual frameworks for understanding migrant remittances, drawing upon the project's theoretical themes and a large body of ethnographic research. May-Len Skilbrei applied the project themes to empirical research on women who migrate for or through prostitution.

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Carling, Jørgen (2014) Scripting Remittances: Making Sense of Money Transfers in Transnational Relationships, International Migration Review 48: 218–262.
Hernández-Carretero, María & Jørgen Carling (2012) Beyond "Kamikaze Migrants": Risk Taking in West African Boat Migration to Europe, Human Organization 71(4): 407–416.

Conference Paper

Hernández Carretero, María 2009 The Inclusion of the Analytical Concept of Risk in Migration Theory and the Implications for Migration Control Policies, presented at VI Conference on Migrations in Spain, , 17–19 September.

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