Freelance Digital Typesetters

Are you a freelance digital typesetter? The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) is looking to expand our pool of talented, design-focused typesetters to support our research communication efforts.

Who we are

PRIO conducts research on topics that are on the top of the global political agenda, including peacebuilding, conflict prevention, security, development, migration, gender, climate change and humanitarian aid.

To ensure the impact of our research, we engage in a diverse portfolio of research communication efforts, including the production of evidence-based policy briefs and reports. Our in-house publications series are designed to deliver cutting-edge, policy-relevant research insights to a range of relevant audiences.

Who we’re looking for

PRIO is looking to increase our pool of skilled freelance typesetters to collaborate with in the production of our policy briefs and reports.

We are interested in working with digital typesetters experience in using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, who have a good understanding of design.

How to be considered for the pool

Please submit your CV to

For questions regarding the pool or the process, you may reach out to Publications Editor Gee Berry at


As an applicant to a position at PRIO, your personal information will be collected and processed according to the details in our Privacy Policy.

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