Recruitment Principles

PRIO endorses open, transparent, merit-based recruitment principles. The Institute has established a set of Recruitment and Employment Procedures, endorsed by the Institute Council and adopted by the Board. The Board has adopted a set of competence requirements for Senior Researcher and Research Professor positions. Furthermore, the Institute has established competence requirements for junior researcher positions. In addition, the Wage Agreement between Forskerforbundet (the Norwegian Association of Researchers, NAR) and the Management at PRIO includes regulations about appointments and the involvement of the union in recruitment processes.

  • In line with PRIO’s guidelines, the Institute advertises positions externally and invites open competition among applicants. Vacant positions are normally announced in Norwegian and international newspapers and/or job websites, on EURAXESS, as well as on the PRIO website and in social media. In order to attract a broad and more diverse pool of candidates, the Institute will explore other types of advertisement channels.

  • Candidates will find information about the title and specification of the position, the competence requirements and the application procedures in the announcement.

  • Applications are submitted by way of an online electronic form.

  • Applicants will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of the application and information about the further process.

  • A competent and gender-balanced hiring committee will facilitate the recruitment process. The hiring committee shall include one representative from Forskerforbundet (NAR) at PRIO. The committee is to be headed by a representative from the Leadership. Potential conflicts of interest shall be considered in the selection of committee members. The hiring committee is appointed by the Director.

  • The assessment of candidates applying for a researcher position is based on academic competence, as well as a set of additional requirements including: Expertise in one or more of areas within the scope of PRIO’s research; Project development; Versatility in research engagements; Project leadership; Research collaboration; Engagement with policymakers and practice; Popular dissemination of research and Curricular development, teaching and supervision of students.

  • The academic qualifications of shortlisted candidates for senior researcher and research professor positions will be assessed by an independent academic evaluation committee appointed by the Director. The committee shall consist of minimum three individuals, all of whom shall possess relevant competence at the senior researcher or professor level. The committee shall have at least one member whose main post is not in Norway, and it shall have both male and female members. No more than one member can be a PRIO employee.

  • Shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview, and possible job talks/trial lectures.

  • The hiring committee presents its hiring recommendations to the internal decision-making body for approval, normally the Director, or the PRIO Board.

  • The institute aims at providing individual feedback to shortlisted candidates invited for an interview. All candidates will be informed about the outcome of the process.
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