Do not miss this wonderful and terrible film from Afghanistan, followed by a PRIO film seminar. Tickets are now available for the seminar screening. The Film Seminar: Kristian B. Harpviken, PRIO, panel leader. Afghanistan expert, researcher at PRIO and leader of the PRIO Peacebuilding programme. Mode Steinkjer, Culture Journalist and Film reviewer, Dagsavisen Cecilie Hellestveit, researcher, PRIO's Ethics, Norms and Identities Programme. Noor Saraj Safi, teacher from Afghanistan. Refugee worker in Pakistan and in Norway since 1990. The Film screening followed by the seminar is a result of the collaboration between PRIO and Films from the South. The Film Seminar will be conducted in Norwegian, and the film will have Norwegian subtitles. Remember to select the correct screening date (Monday 19 April) if you purchase tickets on