PRIO and the French Cultural Centre today organized a seminar with the French philosopher, essayist and novelist Pascal Bruckner. During the seminar, Bruckner presented his thoughts on the 'masochistic' tendencies of a Europe consumed by and constantly feeding its own sense of guilt. The seminar attracted 160 people. Pascal Bruckner (b. 1948) has an academic background within philosophy and literature, and holds a doctorate in the field of the history of literature. An important voice within European thinking, Bruckner’s work shifts between philosophy, essayistic writing and fiction. Bruckner’s impact has gained in momentum during the last 20 years. In his various writings, he shows how much of contemporary European society is defined by male eroticism and criticizes the self-congratulatory tendencies and moral complacency towards the Third World often seen within Western democratic societies. Bruckner is a shrewd and imaginative critic of the conventional thinking and accepted values of today's consensus society. The seminar will be held in French, with simultaneous translation into Norwegian. Free admission. Please register with