Through the lives of three young people, LA SIERRA explores the violence of a Colombian community ruled by paramilitary gangs.The film will be followed by a short seminar with CSCW researchers Scott Gates and Sarah Zukerman. They will discuss civil wars in general, but focusing on the situation described in the film. After this, the audience is invited to a meal of Colombian inspiration.


In Colombia’s bloody civil conflict, left-wing guerillas fight against the government and illegal right-wing paramilitary groups. In some cities, the conflict has become a brutal turf war among adjacent barrios. The documentary LA SIERRA is an unflinching exploration of a year in the life of one such barrio (La Sierra, Medellin), seen through three young lives.

LA SIERRA is an intimate, meditative exploration of youth during wartime. A small neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia, La Sierra is ruled by a group of young men, mostly teenagers, affiliated with Colombia’s illegal paramilitary armies. Over the course of a year, the documentary follows the lives of three young people and their experiences of war, death, and love.

This film event is CSCW's contribution to the National Science Week (Forskningsdagene). The film seminar is a collaborative effort between CSCW at PRIO, Films from the South, and Cinema Neuf.

The Film seminar is conducted in English.

Cinema Neuf is located at Chateau Neuf, Slemdalsveien 7, close to Majorstua tram station. Map here...