Film Seminar: Myth, History and Present Conflict
11 Oct 2006
PRIO and the Films from the South Festival organized a seminar for an audience of around 75 people following the screening of Avenge But One of My Two Eyes. The film draws on Jewish historical mythology, and was followed by comments and discussion by two historians of religion: Frida Nome of PRIO (an expert on Palestinian suicide bombers) and Lynn C. Feinberg (an expert on interpretations of Judaism and Jewish legend in contemporary society).

The film's director, Avi Mograbi, has been characterized as 'an Israeli Michael Moore'. His attack on the way in which Israeli authorities treat the Palestinians is based on several important historical myths. 

Registration is not required. Tickets can be bought at the cinema.
The film has English subtitles. The debate will be in Norwegian.

Read more about the film here.