PRIO is happy to welcome Dr. Narayan Khadka for an informal presentation and dialogue at PRIO. Dr. Khadka (PhD, Economics) is currently an elected member of Nepal’s Constituent Assembly (National Parliament), and will be speaking on Drafting a New Constitution in Nepal: The Issues.After a 10-year civil war, Nepal is in the process of drafting a new constitution that will hopefully serve to institutionalize the still fragile peace, but challenges remain. Nepal’s constitution-makers are currently attempting to incorporating the divergent needs of many political parties and civil society groups after a protracted civil conflict, while at the same time attempting to avoid the mistakes of the 1990 Constitution, heralded by many constitutional law experts as once of the best in the world when ratified. Dr. Khadka previously served as Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister of Nepal (1999-2000) and as Vice Chairman, National Planning Commission (2002), and is the author of over two dozen books and academic articles on political economy, international development and foreign policy. Please RSVP to Jason Miklian at if you are interested in attending or have any questions about the event. This presentation is open to the public.