PRIO invites you to a book launch and panel discussion on armed violence in developing countries. The seminar will include the launch of the new book Small Arms, Crime and Conflict: Global Governance and the threat of armed violence.

PRIO director Kristian Berg Harpviken will introduce the seminar, and the book's editors Nicholas Marsh (PRIO) and Owen Greene (Bradford University) will make presentations on the relationship between arms availability and violence especially in developing countries, and governance mechanisms designed to prevent it. We will then invite discussion with members of the audience. The book covers the relationship between guns and violence in both countries at war and those affected by high levels of homicide. The final section considers governance and how to control the proliferation and use of firearms. It is the final output of an EU funded COST Action, a network which brought together researchers on armed violence from around Europe and beyond, including the twelve authors of the book’s chapters.