Martin Ausvoll Nome will defend his thesis at the University of Oslo on Thursday 9 August. His work is titeled: Kin State Intervention in Civil War. He has been a student with the Department of Political Science at UiO, and attached to the Social dynamics of Civil War Working Group at PRIOs Centre for the Study of Civil War (CSCW).

The trial lecture will be held 8 August 17:15, Aud. 2, Eilers Sundts hus, UiO.

The evaluation committee comprises of:
Dr. Kristin Bakke, University College London
Professor Matthew Evangelista, Cornell University
Dr. Elisabeth Bakke, University of Oslo

The first two will be the oponents at the defence.

His supervisors are both attached to CSCW:
Professor Jeffrey T. Checkel, Simon Fraser University
Professor Scott Gates, Director CSCW