Who wants to go to Europe?

For every person who immigrates to Europe, there are many others who aspire to do the same – even if it often remains a vague dream rather than a concrete plan. What images of Europe lie behind the wish to migrate? And who are the people who prefer to remain in their own country? Such questions are central to European research project Imagining Europe from the Outside (EUMAGINE) which is now coming to an end. The project team has conducted a survey with 8000 respondents in Senegal Morocco, Turkey and Ukraine, and carried out 320 in-depth interviews in the same countries. PRIO is a core partner in the project. At this seminar researchers Jørgen Carling and María Hernández Carretero will present findings from the four-country survey and insights from the Senegalese case study.

08:30-08:45: Breakfast and coffee
08:45-08:50: Welcome (Cindy Horst)
08:50-09:10: Four-country overview (Jørgen Carling)
09:10-09:30: Senegal case study (María Hernández Carretero)
09:30-10:00: Questions and discussion