Jørgen Carling will give a presentation on "Networks, Environments and Strategies: Return in the Larger Context" as part of UDI's 2013 spring conference on return.

The conference is free but seats are limited. Information about registration can be found on UDI's website (in Norwegian).

• Frode Forfang, UDI
• Grete Faremo, Minister of Justice and Public Security
• Ole Johan Heir, Police Immigration Service (PU)
• Christine Wilberg, Region and receiving department, UDI
• Jørgen Carling, PRIO
• Ann-Magrit Austenå, NOAS
• Julia Hartlieb, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
UDI 2013 Spring Conference: Return

With no other basis for stay in Norway, asylum seekers receiving a final rejection on their application for protection are obliged to leave the country. Those who leave voluntarily may receive financial and practical support, while those who do not "return" may be deported by the police. There are many that do not wish to voluntarily return, living with a vain hope that puts their life and future on hold in Norway. How can the government make sure that asylum seekers who have received rejection understand what it entails? How can we work to ensure that these individuals feel it is possible to go on living in their home country, and even choose to return?