Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October 2016 - Chateau Status, Nicosia

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The escalation of the crisis in Syria has rendered Cyprus' position as a relatively peaceful European Union outpost in the region immensely significant. The conference uses this location to inquire into the challenges faced in the current situation by countries and societies in Europe and the Middle East in terms of conflict dynamics. The conference will consider the various conflict dynamics that spur migration and are fueled by it in the Middle East, the effects of recent migration dynamics in European societies; and the institutional responses to migration. Considering whether and how migration becomes a conflict catalyst within Europe, the conference is divided in to three panels.

In the first panel, the making of the recent migration crisis will be unpacked, by scholars who have been closely observing local dynamics in countries of origin and dynamics developing in countries along the migration routes. The second panel will continue this analysis, focusing more on European responses in destination countries who have had long histories of integration policy. The third panel will present perspectives of experts involved with policy at major institutions analyzing and responding to migration.

On 15 October, a separate workshop will explore the relevance of Cyprus, hitherto less affected by these dynamics vis-à-vis other European countries and its neighbours, to the current situation and in the future.