The UK Ministry of Defence badge on a computer chip. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0
The UK Ministry of Defence badge on a computer chip. Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0

The second TRANSAD workshop debates critical issues in the interplay between technology, security and warfare. It addresses topics such as the international politics of security technologies, technological innovations, and the legal and ethical issues raised by these developments.

The workshop is hosted by the University of Bath, PRIO's partner in the project.

Room: Council Chamber (Wessex House), University of Bath

09:30 – Arrival and Registration

09:45 – Welcome and Opening Remarks

André Barrinha, University of Bath

Bruno Oliveira Martins, PRIO

10:00 – Session 1: The International Politics of Security Technologies

Chair: Patrick Bury, University of Bath

Discussant: André Barrinha, University of Bath


Brett Edwards, University of Bath

Title: Wicked technology? Dealing with Complexity and Ambiguity in International Security

Alicia Wanless, King’s College

Title: Beyond War: Exploring how information communication technologies are used by adversarial actors with the aim of influencing opinions in liberal democracies while operating below the threshold of war

James Rogers, University of South Denmark and Yale University

Title: Terrorist Drones and Future War

11:15 – Coffee break

11:30 – Session 2: Technological innovation and warfare

Chair: Alex Neads, University of Bath

Discussant: Chantal Lavallée, Royal Military College Saint-Jean


Hendrik Huelss, University of Kent

Title: Technological innovation and warfare: losing meaningful human control?

Marijn Hoijtink, VU Amsterdam

Title: Reconfiguring war: The Politics of Engineering Autonomous Weapons Systems

Bruno Oliveira Martins, Peace Research Institute Oslo

Title: Disruptive military technologies: contemporary debates on the politics of defence innovation

12:45 – Lunch break

13:30 – The legal and ethical implications of technology in international security

Chair: Wali Aslam, University of Bath

Discussant: Delina Goxho, Open Society Foundations


Joanna Bryson, University of Bath

Title: Just an artifact: Maintaining and enhancing human accountability through autonomous systems

Noel Trew, International Law Department, British Red Cross

Title: Legal reviews of new technologies used in armed conflicts: a crucial measure to ensure compliance with IHL

Arthur Holland Michel, Centre for the Study of the Drone, Bard College

Title: A Killing by Any Other Name: Weighting Technology in Our Ethical Calculus of Targeted Strikes

Room: 4E3.10

15:15 – Keynote Session: George R. Lucas Jr., US Naval Academy

Title: Ethics for Military Engineering - Voluntary Protocols for Research, Development and Deployment of Lethal Autonomous Weapons

Chair: David Galbreath, University of Bath

Discussant: Jessica Dorsey, University of Amsterdam

17:30 – Reception: Wessex House