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Norwegian foreign policy, as well as civil society engagement, has a long-lasting engagement for Sudan, also after South Sudan becoming an independent state. Since the 2019 revolution, the efforts have intensified – both in terms of political and economic support. It is important that these efforts are recognized, and that engagement is upheld for further support – especially among politicians and political leaders, but also in the society at large.


10:00 Opening by Sudan Support leader Marit Hernæs

10:05 A historical look at the situation by Gunnar Sørbø (CMI)

10:20 Regional perspectives by Hilde Frafjord Johnson

10:35 The political situation by Endre Stiansen (Special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan)

10:55 Break

Voices from Sudan: How do we see the Revolution and the Peace Agreement:

11:05 Dr. Majduline El Haj El Tahir, Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA)

11:10 Sharif Harir, Darfur

11:15 Jaco Jour, Nuba

11:20 Dialogue

11:50 Summing up by Øystein Rolandsen (PRIO)

12:00 Closing of conference