This panel will discuss how the Taliban govern and their policies on gender and the how they relate to minorities in the Afghan society.

After taking power in August 2021, the Taliban merged their own shadow government with remnants of the administration of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to establish an all-male led Islamic Emirate. They introduced a restrictive policy on gender, education, and human rights. The new rulers displayed little willingness to create a more inclusive government or to give in to other demands that could eventually lead to a lifting of the international sanction regime.

In this panel will we explore the vision of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: We will discuss how they are organized, how they govern, how their justice sector operates, how they relate to ethnic and religious minorities, what their gender policy is and to what extent they see it as their responsibility to provide basic services to the Afghan population.

Chair: Arne Strand


Haroun Rahimi
Andrew Watkins
Shah Gul Rezaye
Torunn Wimpelmann
Masood Karokhail

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