The Afghanistan Week will kick off with the showing of the documentary Taliban Land, following an on-stage discussion with journalist and film maker Nagieb Khaja.

After the transition of power in Afghanistan, as thousands of its citizens sought to escape, award winning Nagieb Khaja travels there to depict the politics primarily as a human being, and secondly as a journalist.

Taliban Land builds on Khaja’s documentaries about the West’s “war on terror”. Alongside his documentaries, he has written two critically acclaimed books, one about Afghanistan in 2011 and one about Syria in 2017.

As Khaja himself says in interviews, he is concerned with telling the truth through his films. Taliban Land is an attempt to cover war and conflict and at the same time inform his audiences about the truth of the situation, and how it is that it is experienced from afar.

Award-winning war correspondent, journalist, and author Nagieb Khaja, born in Copenhagen in 1979, has Afghan roots. He has covered the wars in Afghanistan, Syria, and Gaza. His documentary films have been aired by Al Jazeera, BBC, Guardian TV and Vice International. Nagieb Khaja is known for being one of the very few journalists worldwide who has gained access to leading faces within the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups.

Nagieb Khaja
Terje Watterdal