​Interviews with Radio France, BBC, and Russian media

​August is a month with too many sad dates in Russia, and I was interviewed on the third anniversary of the war with Georgia by  the BFM news agency (http://www.bfm.ru/articles/2011/08/08/rossii-i-gruzii-ne-hvatilo-vremeni-okonchit-vojnu.html), on the terrorism in the North Caucasus, where the seventh anniversary of the Beslan tragedy comes in a couple of weeks, by Radio France (http://www.russian.rfi.fr/rossiya/20110720-problemy-severnogo-kavkaza-v-moskve),  on the 20th anniversary of the military coup that brought down the USSR by the BFM again (http://www.bfm.ru/articles/2011/08/16/lojalnost-armii-nahoditsja-na-rekordno-nizkom-urovne.html).

I had to give too many interviews about the terroist attack in oslo, and it was actually BBC that told me about the explosion - and I confirmed that I heard it (http://www.bbc.co.uk/russian/international/2011/07/110722_oslo_blast.shtml). Then it was Radio France (http://www.russian.rfi.fr/evropa/20110723-oslo-arestovannyi-terrorist-prichasten-k-dvum-teraktam), and Interfax (http://www.interfax.az/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=107997&Itemid=9), Kommersant-FM (http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/1685645?isSearch=True); The New Times (http://newtimes.ru/articles/detail/41992?sphrase_id=292968), Russian News Service (http://rusnovosti.ru/news/156481/), and Finam-FM (http://finam.fm/archive-view/4448/2/), and so many more.