Typically, international media crowds on you because of a particular event, but this time they all wanted different things.

The VoA wanted an informed opinion on the grand design for the Eurasian Union advanced by Vladimir Putin on the eve of his new presidency, and my sceptical rather than insightful view is here (http://www.voanews.com/russian/news/Russia-Eaurasion-Union-2011-11-18-134112693.html).

Rzeczpospolita (a leading Polish newspaper) took my by surprise with the question about whether Russia could try to use its newly-gained membership in the WTO for undermining the EU energy policy, and my speculative 'Not a chance' is here (http://www.rp.pl/artykul/755690-Kryzys-w-Europie-szansa-dla-Rosji-.html).

The New Times (a liberal Moscow weekly) keeps digging into Russia's firm dismissal of the IAEA report on the Iranian nuclear program, and my opinion is here (http://newtimes.ru/rubrics/detail/388/).