What is the scourge of religious violence in today's world? How can religious war be understood? Are conflicts involving a religious dimension particularly horrid; and how can religious conflict be solved?

For this seminar we invited two world leading scholars on the religion-conflict nexus to shed light on these questions. They gave an overview of key patterns and processes linking religion with violent conflict in today's world, and discussed what it takes to end such conflicts.

To watch the seminar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrX6lVrpuXY


Monica Duffy Toft (Oxford University): Why does religion still matter for understanding war? Is religious violence rational?Isak Svensson (Uppsala University): How can religious armed conflicts be settled peacefully?Ragnhild Nordås (PRIO): Are religious conflicts bloodier?Discussant: Scott Gates (PRIO)Chair: Gina Lende (PRIO)