PRIO Global Fellow Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos will visit PRIO this week to give a public talk on the dynamics of violence in Nigeria and his project Nigeria Watch. He is a specialist on armed conflicts in Africa South of the Sahara, and was appointed PRIO Global Fellow in 2014.

Pérouse de Montclos is Professor at the French Institute of Geopolitics. He has lived for several years in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, and is a frequently used commentator in French and international news media. The lunch seminar, titled Crisis in Nigeria: Monitoring Violence and Accounting for the Dead, takes place on Wednesday 28 May from 12:30-14:00. It is still possible to sign up!

PRIO Global Fellows are academics with strong scholarly records and a commitment to the research agenda on peace and conflict. They all have their main positions elsewhere but work closely with PRIO researchers and regularly spend time in Oslo. Read more about the PRIO Global Fellows for 2014 here.