Photo: Agnete Schjønsby / PRIO
Nils Petter Gleditsch has been awarded the 2017 Founders' Medal from the Peace Science Society for his many scientific contributions to peace research.

The prestigious Founders' Medal is an award that recognises "an individual who has made significant and distinguished life-long scientific contributions to peace science". It is awarded every four years.

Nils Petter Gleditsch is the first researcher at a European institution to receive the award, and the fifthrecipient overall. The award committee members are Andy Owsiak (chair), Kathleen Cunningham and Kelly Kadera. The past winners of the Medal are J. David Singer (2001), Walter Isard (2005), Bruce Russett (2009), and Dina Zinnes (2013).

The awarding party of the Founder's Medal, the Peace Science Society (International), is an independent, non-profit organization that encourages the development of peace analysis and conflict management, established in 1963. You can read more about PSS(I) here.