Christiaan Triebert/Camilla K. Elmar
Christiaan Triebert/Camilla K. Elmar

PRIO is proud to announce a new partnership with the Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. PRIO researchers can now enjoy the opportunity to propose, lead, and join projects as CAS fellows.

‘We are delighted to partner with NUPI and PRIO, two leading research institutions in their fields,’ said Camilla Serck-Hanssen, scientific director of CAS. ‘These partnerships will extend the Centre's services to more researchers, furthering CAS' mission of supporting excellent, fundamental, curiosity-driven research.'

CAS is an independent foundation, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. The centre facilitates research by supporting and hosting three interdisciplinary research teams each year from across humanities, social and natural sciences. Upon successful applications, project leaders and teams are given sabbaticals from their home institutions to focus uninterruptedly and in a common work place.

‘We put great emphasis on interdisciplinarity, international collaboration and the pursuit of excellence at PRIO, and the partnership with the Centre for Advanced Study goes hand in hand with these values,’ said PRIO Director Henrik Urdal. ‘Both CAS and PRIO aim to be incubators of excellent research, allowing the curiosity of researchers to drive the research frontiers and break new ground in the creative challenge of other disciplines, methods and perspectives.

‘I see this as a unique opportunity to let outstanding researchers from across the globe and across the disciplines sit down under one roof and work together. We are very excited to be partnering with CAS,’ Urdal added.