Arthur Holland Michel, co-director of the Center for the Study of Drone, and PRIO project partner, giving a keynote address at the conference. Photo: Bruno Oliveira Martins
Upon invitation from the European Commission’ DG for Migration and Home Affairs, PRIO’s Bruno Oliveira Martins and Arthur Holland Michel, co-director at the Center for the Study of the Drone and PRIO project partner, participated in the High-Level International Conference on countering the threats posed by unmanned aircraft systems.

The conference took place in Brussels on 17 October and brought together different communities with varied but complementary experiences to exchange views and ideas on countering the drone threat. Besides the Member States and the relevant EU Institutions and Agencies, the conference involved participants and speakers from international organisations, third countries, industry, academia and representatives for civil society.

The Norwegian organizations represented at the meeting were the Oslo Police, the Civil Aviation Authority Norway (Luftfartstilsynet) and PRIO.

PRIO’s participation at the conference happens in connection with the project “Counter-Drone Systems: Implications for Norway in an EU and NATO Context”, which is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.