The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and the Myanmar Institute for Peace and Security (MIPS) invite submissions of abstracts for papers to be presented at the Social Media in Armed Conflict conference, to be held on 25-26 November 2020. The conference will focus on the broad theme of social media and digital information and communication technologies (ICTs) in armed conflict and peace processes, with a particular focus on Myanmar. The deadline for submitting an abstract is now 28 August, 2020 (extended, see submission details below).

Suggested topics are the use of digital ICTs by armed groups and in peace processes, but submissions can include other aspects of the broader theme as well. We are primarily interested in abstracts with a focus on Myanmar, but also encourage abstracts of comparative research and research with relevant findings from other contexts and case studies.

Expected contribution: In order to facilitate targeted contributions that address the topic of the workshop, we ask participants to prepare papers of max 8000 words. The written contributions will be circulated to participants in advance, but will not be posted online.

Venue: If possible, the conference will be held in Yangon. If the COVID-19 pandemic prevents this, it will take place online using Zoom. A likely solution is that Yangon-based participants meet in Yangon while external participants take part via Zoom. The organisers will give advance notice to participants about how the conference will be organized (online or in person in Yangon). There is no participation fee.

Format and costs: On both days, the conference will be organised around two components: a public event including a keynote talk and panel discussion in the morning; and academic panels in the afternoon which will be by invitation only. If we are able to hold the conference in person in Yangon, selected participants must cover their own travel expenses and the organizers will cover accommodation in Yangon (2 nights).

Context and host: The conference is organized in conjunction with the research project Social Media in Armed Conflict: The Case of Myanmar, which is a joint project of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and the Myanmar Institute for Peace and Security (MIPS). The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway. Conveners of the conference are the project research team .


Deadline for submitting abstracts : 17 July 2020 New deadline 28 August 2020

Deadline for conference paper: 30 October 2020

Conference dates: 25-26 November 2020

Submission details

Please submit abstracts via this online form by 28 August 2020 (extended deadline).

Abstracts should be 200-250 words long. Please also provide your name, discipline, institutional affiliation and position.

For questions about the call or conference, contact Stein Tønnesson at