The leader of the Progress Party (FrP), Siv Jensen, speaking to media in the Norwegian parliament after the coalition government the party belonged to had presented their annual budget plans on Oct. 14, 2014. Photo: Flickr, copyright Norwegian Parliament/Terje Heiestad

Katrine Fangen and Mari N. Vaage have published two articles that analyze the Norwegian Progress Party (FrP) and their use of rhetoric concerning immigration and the so-called "immigration problem."

The first article is available in Norwegian, and titled FrP-politikeres innvandringsretorikk i posisjon og opposisjon [The Progress Party and their Immigrant-related Rhetoric in both Opposition and Positions of Power], published in the journal Agora and available here.

The second article is titled "The Immigration Problem" and Norwegian Right-Wing Politicians and explores Norwegian Progress Party politicians' change of their rhetoric of immigration after the party for the first time became part of a coalition government in 2013. The article is published in the journal New Political Science, available here.