The impact of racism, inequality and discrimination on peace and conflict has long been on the research agenda at PRIO. In response to the widespread increase in attention to these important issues, triggered by the recent global wave of antiracism demonstrations, PRIO has decided to publish a curated collection of past and current research in this area.

'With this collection, we hope to make a constructive and substantive contribution to ongoing debates on racism and discrimination, to help both concerned citizens and policymakers gain an evidence-based understanding of these destructive social phenomena, the damage they have on the construction of peaceful societies, and how we can work effectively to combat them', says PRIO Director Henrik Urdal.

The collection brings together PRIO research spanning five decades, with blogs, op-eds and popular and academic articles on inequality, protest and repression; inclusion and exclusion; and positionality, diversity and race. You can browse the collection here: