Martin Tegnander / PRIO
Martin Tegnander / PRIO

Noor Jdid has successfully defended her PhD dissertation: "Taking part in society the way I am". An exploration of active citizenship norms in Denmark and Norway at the University of Bergen.

Congratulations from all at PRIO!

The dissertation examines Norwegian and Danish citizens' understandings of active citizenship and their motivation for participation in society:

"I find in my study that participation norms articulated in Danish and Norwegian policy discourses are widely asserted, yet they are also contested and resisted by variously situated individuals. On the one hand, people expect themselves and others to contribute to society in ways that are highly aligned with national policy aims. On the other hand, individuals, most particularly those occupying minoritized positions and living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, challenge and resist exclusionary participatory norms and argue for the recognition of currently ‘invisible’ ways of contributing to society."

The dissertation is available on UiB web pages.