• What is disruptive innovation and in which ways does it impact security and defence?
  • How should the Total Defence concept be adapted to better capture the challenges of today's tech-based societies?
  • How are civil-military relations challenged by the growing importance of dual-use technologies in both security & defence and the society at large?

Two teams led by PRIO researchers Ilaria Carrozza and Bruno Oliveira Martins have just had their proposals approved for funding by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.

Bruno's project "Disruptive Security Technologies: Challenges to Norway's Total Defence Concept", in partnership with Carnegie Europe, focuses on the security consequences and implications of disruptive security technologies. Other team members are Raluca Csernatoni (Carnegie Europe) and Kristoffer Lidén (PRIO).

Ilaria's project focuses on dual-use AI techology, looking specifically at US, EU and Chinese policies related to this technology, what policymakers believe will be its effects on the balance of power, and how Norway can position iself in the debate over the development of transparent and accountable dual-use technology. Other team members are Nicholas Marsh and Greg Reichberg (both PRIO).

Congratulations to all!

More information and project pages will be posted soon.