In this article in the European Journal of Political Research, Otteni and Weisskircher study the populist radical right’s mobilization against global warming measures. In Germany, Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany), the country’s major anti-immigration party, fiercely opposes the expansion of wind energy. Drawing on a novel dataset, the authors investigate the impact of the construction of wind turbines on electoral success. Innovatively, their article shows how the construction of wind turbines fuels conflict between its opponents and proponents, populist radical right and Green parties. Contention over the issue contributes to the electoral success of both sides and therefore reinforces the new central divide between them, which is also, but not only, related to immigration. These findings have important implications for understanding the electoral rise of the populist radical right and for polarization in European party systems more generally. Moreover, the study shows that populist radical right parties may not only effectively mobilize on immigration, but also on other salient issues. The article can be read here (Open Access).