Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz left PRIO in 2017. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz

Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz

Email: d.arbelaezruiz@uq.edu.au

Mobile phone: +47 45918683

Twitter: @dianaarbelaez

Website: www.csrm.uq.edu.au/people/diana-arbelaez-ruiz

Diana Arbeláez-Ruiz is a researcher at The University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute in Australia. She is in the final year of her PhD research about indigenous responses to mining in the Colombian post-conflict. Diana is currently a Visiting Researcher at PRIO, through an Australian Government Endeavor Fellowship. Her recent work has concentrated on indigenous participation in mineral resource governance in Colombia and was funded by the Ford Foundation. Diana has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia); a Master of Environmental Science (Monash University, Australia); and postgraduate studies in Anthropology and Development Studies (The University of Melbourne, Australia).

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