Vilde Bergstad Larsen left PRIO in 2020. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Vilde Bergstad Larsen

Research Assistant

Research Interests

​Nonviolent and violent protest, the interaction between dissidents and governments, and quantitative methods and spatial data.

I am working as a research assistant for the Conflict Trends and EU-LISTCO project teams with developing GIS and spatial data skills to aid analysis, data graphics, and visualizations. I am also working on coding non-violent and violent mass mobilization campaigns for the MoDe project. 

I finished my MA thesis in political science at the University of Oslo in June 2020, titled "Organization, Repression, and the Violent Escalation and De-Escalation of Nonviolent Protest". 


2018-2020: MSc, Political science, University of Oslo and PRIO

2015-2018: BA, International Studies, University of Oslo and University of Mannheim

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