Klo Kwe Moo Kham left PRIO in 2021. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Klo Kwe Moo Kham

Klo Kwe Moo Kham

Klo Kwe Moo Kham is a Master's student in Human Geography at the University of Oslo and is part of the UiO-PRIO MA Student Programme. His MA thesis research is about peacebuilding in Myanmar.

Titled "The Quest for Peace in Kawthoolei: The Strategies, Outcomes, and Sustainability of Peacebuilding in Southeast Myanmar, 2012-2020", the thesis looks at the specific peace process between the Government of Myanmar and Karen Nation Union (KNU) and focuses particularly on local dynamics of peacebuilding in the security, governance, and development sectors.

Designed as a theory-informed qualitative case study, the thesis also engages with the emerging literatures on hybrid and illiberal peacebuilding.


2019-2021: MA, Human Geography, Specialization in Development and Politics, University of Oslo and Peace Research Institute Oslo

2016-2019: BA, Human Geography, Minor in Political Science, University of Oslo and University of British Columbia


Karen, Norwegian, English

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