​Sebastian Watzl

Research Associate

Sebastian Watzl is Associate Professor of philosophy, UiO, where he currently is director of the Centre for Philosophy and the Sciences (CPS). His research lies at the intersection of philosophy of mind, psychology, economics, and biology. He was trained in biology (MA) before obtaining his PhD in philosophy in 2010 from Columbia University. Before coming to Oslo, he was a postdoc at Harvard’s Mind-Brain-Behavior Interfaculty Initiativ. Watzl has published extensively with a focus on attention and its explanatory role in organizing the mind, for the theory of action, and for the theory if consciousness. His book on this topic, Structuring Mind(Oxford University Press) appeared in 2017. He is now working on the normative dimension of attention in rational choice theory, ethics, epistemology and within political philosophy. Watzl will be contributing work at the intersection of philosophy of mind and psychology, and ethics, especially regarding connections between attention and virtue with application to human/AI interaction. He will also facilitate interaction between the project and the broader community of philosophers in Oslo.

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