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Bruce Swett

Bruce Swett is the Chief Artificial Intelligence Architect within the Mission Systems sector of Northrop Grumman, a leading global provider of security systems and solutions. In this role, he is responsible for the design and implementation of integrated cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across the enterprise.

Swett completed his Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Maryland College Park, and completed his Post-Doctoral studies at the National Institute of Deafness and Communications Disorders at the NIH. Prior to joining Northrop Grumman, Swett served as the Chief of Strategy for an AI group at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and as the Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President for a Department of Defense contractor.

Swett served for seven years as a member of the Army Science Board, which is limited to the top 40 U.S. technology leaders. The ASB provides independent consultation to the Secretary of the Army, Army Chief of Staff, and Army senior leaders. Swett serves as a subject matter expert and consultant in the areas of AI, brain-computer interfaces, and robotics – both nationally and internationally. He has created intellectual property and patent applications on seven topics related to neurally-inspired AI.

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