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Sarah Wolff

Sarah Wolff

Interests and experience

My research interests include European Union politics and policy-making, EU-UK relations, Justice and Home Affairs policy, as well as EU relations with North Africa, Middle East and Euro-Mediterranean relations. In 2022/2023 I am co-investigator on a research project on the concept of civic duty in times of pandemic (Co-Duties, financed by Norwegian Research Council) and will continue to develop research on the concept of coordinative Europeanization and EU governance in times of permanent emergency (with S. Ladi).

My current research in the field of EU foreign policy is embedded in critical international relations approaches challenging Eurocentrism and European post-colonialism in EU foreign policy. More specifically I have developed innovative research on the role of secularism and religion in EU foreign policy. I am also involved in understanding the transformation of the EU and the UK as security providers in a post-Brexit environment.


PhD in International Relations (LSE), Msc in European Politics and Governance (LSE), BA Science Po Grenoble

Professor Wolff is the Director of the Center for European Research at Queen Mary and the Director of the QMUL Master of Arts in International Relations at the University of London Institute in Paris. She is Principal Investigator for the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence NEXTEUK project on the future of EU-UK Relations. Senior Research Associate at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingendael), her research interests include EU politics and public policy, non-majoritarian agencies, Justice and Home Affairs policy ( EU migration and border management policies), as well as EU external relations and EU development aid. She is an expert on EU-Islam relations, Euro-Mediterranean relations and is since 2017 Editor of Mediterranean Politics. She is co-convener of the ECPR Mediterranean Politics and Society Research Network since 2019 with F. Volpi. She is also a member of the advisory body to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Tunisia at the UK Parliament. She has taught at University College of London, the London School of Economics, the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and is Visiting Professor at the College of Europe.

Sarah's experience on EU politics and foreign policy was gained in various public, think tanks and higher education institutions. Before joining academia, Dr Wolff worked at the European Commission and the European Parliament. She is involved in facilitating a permanent and dynamic dialogue between citizens, academia and practitioners, as well as for active public engagement. Sarah regularly contributes in various media (Le Monde, Today Zaman, Al-Jazeera, Skynews, etc), blogs at, and tweets @drsarahwolff

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