Taylor Owen left PRIO in 2004. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Taylor Owen

Interests and experience

Human Security and Measurement. Using Geographic Information Systems to map and spatially analyse broadly defined human security data at the sub national level. Qualitative and quantitative issues in the measuremnt of complex systems including indicator selection, scale and statistical methods.

Humanitarian Intervention

Human Security and Definition. The theoretical defence of the concept in the literatures of political science and development studies.

Languages spoken:

English, French, Spanish

Working experience:

Research Assistant at the Center for the Study of Civil War at the International Peace Research Institute. Funded by the Young Canadian Leaders for a Sustainable Future program at the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.

Liu Institute for Global Issues. University of British Columbia. Recent projects have included a report on the long term consequences of the use of carpet bombing and landmines in Cambodia, work on the Non-State Actors and Armed Conflict Project, and the Conflict and Development Project.

Masters research based at the Cambodian Development Research Institute, funded by a Canadian International Development Agency Innovative Graduate Research Award

Coast Information Team. ‘Wellbeing Assessment’ of the B.C. Central Coast Region.

International Development Research Center (IDRC). Evaluation Unit Intern


Current: DPhil Candidate, Oxford University

Yale University (2004)
Post-Graduate Fellow, Yale Genocide Studies Program

University of British Columbia (2001-2003)
Master of Arts Degree: Geography Department and Liu Institute for Global Issues

Bishops University (1996-2000)
Bachelor of Arts Degree: Geography, Philosophy

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