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Oliver P. Richmond

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Kristoffer Lidén (2021)
The Ethics of Liberal Peacebuilding

Book Chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Peacebuilding, Statebuilding, and Peace Formation

Olga Demetriou & Maria Hadjipavlou (2016)
Engendering the Post-Liberal Peace in Cyprus: UNSC Resolution 1325 as a Tool

Book Chapter in Post-Liberal Peace Transitions: Between Peace Formation and State Formation

Kristoffer Lidén & Elida K. U. Jacobsen (2016)
The local is everywhere: a postcolonial reassessment of cultural sensitivity in conflict governance

Book Chapter in Cultures of Governance and Peace: a Comparison of EU and Indian Theoretical and Policy Approaches

Cultures and Politics of Global Communication

Edited Volume

The Long Mile of Empire: Power, Legitimation and the U.K. Bases in Cyprus

Journal Article in Mediterranean Politics

Birte Vogel & Oliver P. Richmond (2013)
Enabling civil society in conflict resolution

CORE Policy Brief

Conclusion: Typologies and Modifications Proposed by Critical Approaches

Book Chapter in Rethinking the Liberal Peace: External Models and Local Alternatives

Kristoffer Lidén, Roger Mac Ginty & Oliver P. Richmond (2009)
Introduction: Beyond Northern Epistemologies of Peace: Peacebuilding Reconstructed?

Journal Article in International Peacekeeping

Oliver P. Richmond (2009)
A Post-liberal Peace: Eirenism and the Everyday

Journal Article in Review of International Studies

Astri Suhrke & Kaja Borchgrevink (2009)
Afghanistan: Justice Sector Reform

Book Chapter in New Perspectives on Liberal Peacebuilding

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