Camilla Gjerde left PRIO in 2007. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Camilla Gjerde

Camilla Gjerde

Mobile phone: +47901 74 763

Interests and experience

My ongoing research projects focus on political institutions and conflict resolution: A study on which types of political institutions work best in promoting peace and stability in post-conflict societies; a study on how and why new democracies choose their political institutions, with a focus on presidential systems and electoral systems; and a study on the possible propensity of (certain types of) presidentialism to create instability and civil war. For all projects, I use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Languages spoken:

English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian

Working experience:

2005- : Senior Researcher, Centre for the Study of Civil War, PRIO
2002-03: Visiting scholar, Department of Government, University of Uppsala
Aug-Sept 2002: Visiting scholar, Helen Kellogg Institute, University of Notre Dame, IN (USA)
2001-05: Research fellow and PhD candidate, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo
1999-01: Junior Adviser, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen
1997-99: Programme Officer, International Department, The Norwegian Red Cross


2005: PhD, Political Science. PhD dissertation: Political Institutions and Extreme Presidents. Comparing presidential systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America, 1974-2004.
1995-97: Cand.polit. in Political Science, University of Oslo. Thesis: Flertallsvalg og presidentstyre - en problematisk kombinasjon? Analyse av presidentvalgmetoders konsekvenser i Latin-Amerika. (Majority runoff and presidentialism - a problematic combination? On the consequences of presidential election methods in Latin America)
1991-95: Cand.mag. in Political Science, History of Religion and Spanish, University of Oslo

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