Camilla Gjerde left PRIO in 2007. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Camilla Gjerde

Camilla Gjerde

Interests and experience

My ongoing research projects focus on political institutions and conflict resolution: A study on which types of political institutions work best in promoting peace and stability in post-conflict societies; a study on how and why new democracies choose their political institutions, with a focus on presidential systems and electoral systems; and a study on the possible propensity of (certain types of) presidentialism to create instability and civil war. For all projects, I use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods.

Languages spoken:

English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian

Working experience:

2005- : Senior Researcher, Centre for the Study of Civil War, PRIO
2002-03: Visiting scholar, Department of Government, University of Uppsala
Aug-Sept 2002: Visiting scholar, Helen Kellogg Institute, University of Notre Dame, IN (USA)
2001-05: Research fellow and PhD candidate, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo
1999-01: Junior Adviser, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen
1997-99: Programme Officer, International Department, The Norwegian Red Cross


2005: PhD, Political Science. PhD dissertation: Political Institutions and Extreme Presidents. Comparing presidential systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America, 1974-2004.
1995-97: Cand.polit. in Political Science, University of Oslo. Thesis: Flertallsvalg og presidentstyre - en problematisk kombinasjon? Analyse av presidentvalgmetoders konsekvenser i Latin-Amerika. (Majority runoff and presidentialism - a problematic combination? On the consequences of presidential election methods in Latin America)
1991-95: Cand.mag. in Political Science, History of Religion and Spanish, University of Oslo

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