Costas M. Constantinou: Bibliography

12 publications

J. Peter Burgess & Costas M. Constantinou (2013)
New Middle East, new insecurities and the limits of liberation geography

Journal Article in Security Dialogue

Costas M. Constantinou, Olga Demetriou & Mete Hatay (2012)
Conflicts and Uses of Cultural Heritage in Cyprus

Journal Article in Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies

Mete Hatay & Costas M. Constantinou (2010)
Cyprus, Ethnic Conflict and Conflicted Heritage

Journal Article in Ethnic and Racial Studies

Costas M. Constantinou & James Der Derian, eds, (2010)
Sustainable Diplomacies
Brian Bielenberg & Costas M. Constantinou (2010)
Empowerment through Language Revival: Current Efforts and Recommendations for Cypriotic Maronite Arabic

PRIO Cyprus Centre Paper

Costas M. Constantinou (2009)
The Protection and Revival of Cypriot Maronite Arabic

PRIO Cyprus Centre Policy Brief by Costas M. Constantinou

Costas M. Constantinou (2008)
On the Cypriot States of Exception

Journal Article in International Political Sociology

Costas M. Constantinou, Oliver P. Richmond & Alison Watson, eds, (2008)
Cultures and Politics of Global Communication
Costas M. Constantinou (2007)
Aporias of Identity: Bicommunalism, Hybridity and the 'Cyprus Problem'

Journal Article in Cooperation and Conflict

Costas M. Constantinou (2006)
On Homo-Diplomacy

Journal Article in Space and Culture

Costas M. Constantinou (2006)
The Beautiful Nation: Reflections on the Aesthetics of Hellenism

Journal Article in Alternatives: Global, Local, Political

Costas M. Constantinou & Oliver P. Richmond (2005)
The Long Mile of Empire: Power, Legitimation and the U.K. Bases in Cyprus

Journal Article in Mediterranean Politics

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