Rune Slettebak left PRIO in 2012. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Rune Slettebak

Rune Slettebak

Interests and experience

March-August 2008, Rune Slettebak worked as research assistant for the NISAT Project at PRIO.

He then left PRIO to start his PhD at NTNU, but remains an associate researcher at CSCW.

My research interests include:

  • Insurgent logistical support structures – how insurgent organizations acquire, transfer and exchange funds, arms and other resources that are necessary to their operations, both within their 'home' countries and globally.

  • The possible roles of diaspora communities in civil conflicts.

  • Transnational aspects of civil war and the increased importance of non-state actors within the areas of domestic and international security.

  • How climate changes can be expected to affect human security, both through the risk of conflict and other factors such as increased frequency of natural disasters, increased threats to food and energy security and spread of diseases.

  • The role of identity and identity formation in conflict, religion and ethnicity in particular.

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