Glenn Martin left PRIO in 2011. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Glenn Martin

Managing Editor, Journal of Peace Research (on leave)


Work phone: 4722 54 77 22

Mobile phone: 47404 82 259


Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007

​​The 2006 numbers for journal citations were released yesterday by Thomson Scientific, and brings good news for the PRIO journals.

Journal of Peace Research
has a 2006 impact factor of 1.658, which is a higher impact factor than ever before. JPR is ranked no. 7 among the international relations journals, and no. 5 on the political science list. Security Dialogue has also done very well and continues to climb on the ranking from number 19 (impact factor 0.714) last year to number 15 (impact factor 0.968)! This is also an all time high.

Languages spoken:

English, Norwegian

Working experience:

1997-2002: Managing Editor, Security Dialogue
1996-97: Language Editor, PRIO
1994-96: Freelance Editor - clients included Universitetsforlaget, Aschehoug, UiO, FAFO, Norwegian Red Cross
1989-93: Freelance Editor (Canada) - clients included publishers, financial service organizations, Government of Ontario and Air Canada
1987-89: Assistant Editor, Prentice-Hall Canada


Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto, Canada, 1987

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