Bernt Skåra left PRIO in 2003. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Bernt Skåra

Languages spoken:

English and Norwegian

Working experience:

2002: Conscientious Objector, Researcher with Assistance to Mine-Affected Communities Project (AMAC), International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)
2001: Research Assistant, for Kristian Harpviken, University of Oslo
1999-2000: Organisational Consultant for Norsk Epilepsiforbunds Ungdom (NEFU) National Foundation for Youth with Epilepsy
1996-1999: Nursing Assistant, Norwegian Red Cross, home for elderly suffering from dementia

Organisational experience:
2002: Conscientious Objector Representative in the Institute Committee, PRIO

• Representative for the Student Parliament, UiO 1998-2000
• Student Representative for Kollegierådet, UiO 2000 a Council for the University Board
• Board for Cultural Activities, Foundation for Student Life in Oslo (SiO) 1999-2000
• Welfare Committee, Preparatory Committee for the Student Parliament UiO 1999
• Buddy for the UiO Buddy Programme for New Students 1996-2000
• Member in the Organisational Committee of the Buddy Programme (FOU) 1998

• Student Representative to the Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences, UiO 2000
• Student Council for Human Geography 1997-1998
• Student Council for History of Religion 1999
• Student Representative to the Board of the Department of Culture Studies 1999

• Head of the Faculty Organisation for the Social Sciences (SVFF)
• Instrumental in their Work of Opening an Area Dedicated to Extra Curricular Activities. 1998-2000

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