Jonas Aga Uchermann left PRIO in 2003. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Jonas Aga Uchermann

Interests and experience

CFSP: An important area of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) is the efforts to coordinate European arms exports. In theory, Common positions in international affairs, should prepare the ground for common export policies. Although progress is made on the European level, weapons exports at large remain a sensitive area of national sovereignty. This current research project analyse European export policies as a case study on how the CFSP transforms the arms exports policies of EU member states.

Working experience:

2000/01: Information Officer, UNDP Nordic Office Copenhagen. Press and public relations; Planning of UNDP activities in the Nordic countries; Field trips with Nordic Media, politicians, Students and NGOs. Political and field experience with key issues such as the implementation of the small arms moratorium in West Africa.
1997: Campaign Secretary, Norwegian Labour Party, Oslo. Supervising election Campaign; events, information, public relations and press contact.
1994-97: Head of Information, Norwegian High School Student Organisation (NEO), Oslo. Press and public relations; political lobbying, political training of members, courses in speech and debate technique.
1993-2001: Journalist for NEOs member magazine and other publications.

Small Arms Database: Work is currently being done on upgrading the NISAT database on small arms transfers. This involves analysing data on small arms trade and estimating unregistered transfers. In this respect the member stats of the European Union are the most important in relation to the above mentioned research project. In addition, many of the world's major arms exporters can be found among the European countries. The upgraded database will replace the current database on the web in December.


2001/currently - University of Oslo MA Political Science Specialisation: Common Foreign and Security Policy
1999/00 - University of Oslo West-European history Foundation subject
1998/99 - Universiteit Van Amsterdam/International School International Relations programme Specialisation: The EU and International Finance 1998 Spring - University of Oslo Political Science Intermediate module
1997 - University of Oslo Political Science Foundation subject and methodology
1996 - University of Oslo Examen Philosophicum

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