Bård Ludvig Thorheim left PRIO in 2002. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Bård Ludvig Thorheim

Interests and experience

Master thesis: A Clash of Civilizations after the Cold War?. The thesis assesses the degree to which propositions from Samuel Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order can account for the nature of conflicts 1989-2000. The broader research question concerns to which degree cultural factors are a determinant for conflict in the post Cold War-era. Results are derived from quantatively measuring whether the conflicts in the PRIO/Uppsala dataset occur geographically along civilizational borderlines.

Languages spoken:

Professional: Serb/Croatian/Bosnian, English and German.Colloquial, Chinese.

Working experience:

2002 Apr-May: Long-Term Election Observer in Sierra Leone.

Seconded by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the European Union Election Observation Mission to Sierra Leone Presidential and Parliamentary Elections 2002.

2000-2001 : Commander of Liaison Team in SFOR, Bosnia.
(1st Lt.). Duties of the liaison team are to establish and maintain a good relationship between SFOR and the local community, and between SFOR and NGOs in the area of responsibility. Duties involve meeting with political and administrative leaders of the community and senior officials from NGOs.


2002 - Cand. Polit. (Equals Masters degree, six years in total) in the field of Political Science at the University of Oslo.
2001 - University of Oslo, Norway 16.-18. October: Basic training course for international election observers.
2001 - University of Oslo, Norway 2.-8. April: Basic training course for human rights monitors and investigators.
1996-1999 - Cand. Mag. (BA degree) in the field of Political Science at the University of Oslo.
1999 - Norwegian Defence School of Intelligence and Security. Serbo-Croatian languages.

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