Stian Håklev left PRIO in 2003. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Stian Håklev

Information assistant


Work phone: 22547707

Mobile phone: 91197950

Research Interests

Implemented the new PRIO web interface, launched in medio December 2003.

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, Italian, Esperanto, Chinese, German and some Russian

Working experience:

2003: Planning and implementing of the new PRIO website, launched December 2003.
2001-2002 Taught Oral English at Wuhan Technical and Scientifical University, Wuhan, China
Summer 2001 Multi-lingual tourist guide, Hedmarksmuseet, Norway


1998-2000 United World College of the Adriatic, Italy
2000-2001 Chinese, linguistics, University of Lund, Sweden
2003 spring ex.phil/ex.fac University of Oslo
2003 autumn Chinese, University of Lund, Sweden

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