Stian Håklev left PRIO in 2003. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Stian Håklev

Interests and experience

Implemented the new PRIO web interface, launched in medio December 2003.

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, Italian, Esperanto, Chinese, German and some Russian

Working experience:

2003: Planning and implementing of the new PRIO website, launched December 2003.
2001-2002 Taught Oral English at Wuhan Technical and Scientifical University, Wuhan, China
Summer 2001 Multi-lingual tourist guide, Hedmarksmuseet, Norway


1998-2000 United World College of the Adriatic, Italy
2000-2001 Chinese, linguistics, University of Lund, Sweden
2003 spring ex.phil/ex.fac University of Oslo
2003 autumn Chinese, University of Lund, Sweden

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