Kathrine Holden left PRIO in 2006. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Kathrine Holden

Interests and experience

The purpose of my Master thesis is to shed some light on how the existence of multiple ethnic identities within state borders may be associated with regime stability. My argument si that political institutions do matter, both in shaping the salience of ethnic identities, and in creating motives and opportunities for a possible ethnic mobilization. In this regard, exclusion of ethnic groups from political power is an important determinant of frustration. I propose that ethno-political exclusion may threaten the duration of political structures, but that this in turn is dependent on regime type. I find that exclusion of ethnic groups from power severeley heightens the risk of instability in democracies, but that is does not have an impact for the stability of autocracies and inconsitent regimes. See publications for MA-thesis, dataset, and coding on ethnic groups in power.

image(bullet) TheStabilityofPoliticalRegimes.pdf

image(bullet) DatasetStabilityofPoliticalRegimes.dta

image(bullet) CodingEGIP.dta

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, Spanish

Working experience:

MA Student Scholarship, CSCW, PRIO, 2005-2006

Teaching Assistant, Comparative Politics II, University of Oslo, 2005


2004-2006 University of Oslo,Master of Political Science

2005 Universidad de Complutense Madrid, Erasmus Student

2000-2004 University of Oslo, Bachelor of Political Science

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