Christian Gahre left PRIO in 2007. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Christian Gahre

Interests and experience

MA project: "Staging the Lebanese Nation: Urban Public Space and Political Mobilisation in the Aftermath of Hariri’s Assassination"

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, Italian, French, German, Arabic

Working experience:

Jun-Aug 2006: Project Assistant, Division for International and National Assistance, Norwegian Red Cross, Oslo, Norway

Aug 2004-Sep 2005: Youth Delegate, Norwegian Red Cross, mission to Lebanese Red Cross, Beirut, Lebanon

Aug 2003-Feb 2004: Trainee, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Amman, Jordan

Jan 2002-Feb 2003: Conscientious objector, (alternative to military service), International Department, Norwegian Red Cross Oslo, Norway


2005-: Pursuing an MA in Middle Eastern Studies, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

2003: Undergraduate studies, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, University of Oslo, Norway

2001: Cand. Mag. (equiv. to BA), Political Sociology concentration, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway

2000-2001: Undergraduate studies, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy

1998: International Baccalaureate, United World College of the Adriatic, Italy

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