María Hernández-Carretero: Bibliography

11 publications

María Hernández-Carretero (2017)
Hope and Uncertainty in Senegalese Migration to Spain: Taking Chances on Emigration but not Upon Return

Book chapter in Hope and Uncertainty in Contemporary African Migration

María Hernández-Carretero (2016)
Leaving to belong: migration, transnational connectedness and social becoming
María Hernández-Carretero (2015)
Renegotiating Obligations through Migration: Senegalese Transnationalism and the Quest for the Right Distance

Journal Article in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Jørgen Carling et al. (2013)
Migration aspirations in Senegal: Who wants to leave and why does it matter?

European Policy Brief

María Hernández-Carretero & Jørgen Carling (2012)
Beyond "Kamikaze Migrants": Risk Taking in West African Boat Migration to Europe

Journal Article in Human Organization

Jørgen Carling & María Hernández-Carretero (2011)
Protecting Europe and Protecting Migrants? Strategies for Managing Unauthorised Migration from Africa

Journal Article in British Journal of Politics and International Relations

María Hernández-Carretero (2011)
Morals, Reciprocity and Belonging: Transnational Engagements and Migrant Trajectories
María Hernández-Carretero (2009)
Reconciling Border Control with the Human Aspects of Unauthorized Migration

PRIO Policy Brief by María Hernández-Carretero

María Hernández-Carretero (2009)
The Inclusion of the Analytical Concept of Risk in Migration Theory and the Implications for Migration Control Policies
María Hernández-Carretero (2008)
Risk-taking in Unauthorised Migration
Jørgen Carling & María Hernández-Carretero (2008)
Kamikaze Migrants? Understanding and Tackling High-risk Migration from Africa

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