Nina Langslet left PRIO in 2008. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Nina Langslet

Nina Langslet

Interests and experience

MA project: "Subordination, Migration and Mobilization. Strategies in response to new political context in northern Afghanistan"

The focus of my thesis is on the minority Pashtuns living in northern Afghanistan. The aim is to explore how Pashtuns in northern Afghanistan responded to the new political context after the fall of Taliban. Why did some subordinate to the new power-holders, some migrate and some mobilize against the new power-holders?

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, German, Swiss German


2005- MA in Sociology at the University of Oslo
2004-2005 Erasmus student at Hümboldt Universität zu Berlin
2004 Prosjektforum, TIK at University of Oslo
2001-2003 BA in Sociology at the University of Bergen

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